Second Life Galleries

Well i decided to have a look at some galleries within second life and took a really good look around the Odyssey build we were shown during the briefing.

I first looked at Chris's gallery on the college island though because it slightly steps away from a traditional building and has a large open space in which to view work.

Then i had a look around a gallery i found a long time ago called space gallery. It has nice big open spaces but still remains traditional in the sense that it uses floors and stairs. This to me seems rather pointless considering we are within second life.

Then i looked at the Odyssey build as well as social network and had a little delve in to how the social network and second life interact with each other but i am going to take a closer look in to it before i post about it. I like the way it uses space though. It has nice open plan areas to view videos, shows and work. It is generally just a weird place with very few real life rules being brought in to second life. A tap dripping objects such as cars, floating seats and lights. Snapshots below.